Web Page Volunteer

Web Page Volunteer

Donate time to any of these tasks:

  • Keep the Directory of New Hampshire Rescues and Shelters up to date. Requires contacting NH rescues and shelters and updating our Directory.
  • Web page assistant: asssit web designer in tasks related to keeping the page up to date and interesting.
  • Photographer: photos of NH pets and their guardians, promoting pet therapy, and the animal/ human bond
  • Writers: write about current NH legislation , what is happening, the significance of the law change and keeping us up to date on how our state reps and senators are voting. This is not an editoral so not the place for opinions more of a factual account of what is pending in NH and where our individual polititians stand/ voting record.
  • Speakers: train to speak to schools, civic groups, hospitals, prisons on the benefits of pet therapy and the animal / human bond.
  • Visitation team member: visit elderly with your pet
  • Foster homes: long term care of pets in need of shelter.

….that is just an example of what jobs volunteers could do…..

To volunteer helping New Hampshire Animals click here.

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