Save a Pet’s Life Goes to School

Are you a teacher that would like to have monthly or a one time visit from Save a Pet’s Life? I use the Humane Society of the United States humane education magazine for school children. We have 3 monthly magazines each one geared for a specific grade group: primary grade, middle school and teens. The educational magazine is both informative about animal facts, peaceful living with the earth and filled with puzzles and fun!

Costs: basic cost to cover magazine for each child and any hand outs minimum donation suggested $2. per student. If this is beyond your budget I will try to meet your budget even if we need to absorb some of the costs. Animal care and kindness is something we would like to bring to each school.

Honorariums: Honorariums cover the cost of transportation, printing , office expenses etc. Again if your school does not have a place in their budget for this we will come and give a presentation and hope to inspire students and teachers to talk about taking care of our animal friends.

Want to learn more? Contact Katherine to arrange a visit.

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