This company is now offering “at cost”  discounts  to rescue organizations!   Call Cheryl to discuss these new prices at cost!
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We are very happy to provide information on our new program to support rescue organizations. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company. We are a licensed pharmacy that offers excellent customer service, quality products and carry both OTC and Prescription medications, we have been in business for about 4 years. We are a family owned company and one of our owners Dr. Barry Miller, is a licensed Veterinarian who has owned his own clinic for many years.  He built his business on the foundation that if you offer your excellent services, compassionate care at a fair price people will come.  We have been developing this program for sometime and are excited to be able to offer this partnership to a select few rescue organizations. With that in mind we are now officially offering this partnership and call it Adopt Me Rescue Partners. 

We know it is difficult to keep the cost of veterinary care at an affordable level as well as trying to keep up with the cost of medications to help pets stay healthy. I have worked with several groups and know vet bills build up quickly. It is in this respect that we would like to extend our interest in forming this partnership with your organization. We believe that VetApprovedrx can compliment the goals of your organization  through lowering the cost of required pet medications so that you can increase the number of  homeless pets you are able help.  The details of our partnership are as follows. We would like to sell  pet medications at cost to approved rescue organizations.  In order to do this we ask that you promote us as your preferred online pharmacy and provide us with your adopters info (with their permission of course) so we can send them info on our company as well.  We will provide you with business cards and handouts to put in adoption books or hand to your adopters. We will offer your clients a safe and affordable way to care for their new pets needs, this will hopefully encourage new adoptive parents to provide excellent pet care after the pet leaves your facility. In return your adopters also will receive a 10% discount off their first order by using a code that we provide with this information.  Not only will this provide top notch medications (same medication that you buy at your veterinarian’s office) at a much lower cost but helps provide you your medication at cost.  All our medications are FDA/EPA approved. Also we will promote your rescue group on our website and provide a link for you to our pharmacy to put on your website, Facebook page etc.  This does not just limit you to prescription medication, we also sell vaccines, heartworm tests, wound care etc.  most anything that you need to provide the best care to your shelter/foster animals or sanctuary. Please note that any prescription medication will need to be approved by a licensed veterinarian .

We believe this is a great opportunity for your rescue organization, we hope that by offering this partnership you will be able to increase your efforts while lowering the costs of providing the well needed care of pets in your area.  We believe this will also be a great opportunity for our company to help save lives and also provide our company with a unique client base of people who love pets as much as we do.  We know that without rescue organziations like yours many of these pets/animals have no where else to go to find  a safe loving environment. If we work together we can make a change by reaching more pets and uniting them with pet lovers  who will provide a healthy & happy life for them!
To begin our partnership please contact me for any questions that you may have and we will need to know some more details about your organization.  Please visit our site at to learn more about our company or call  877-847-7389 and ask for myself, Cheryl.
If you have any feedback or suggestions to make the program better for you and us please let us know.  We are always open to new ideas to make lives better for pets.
Warm Regards
Customer Service Manager

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