Serena is out of time

Serena the Music-Loving Pointer Mix is OUT OF TIME!

SerenaWhen I heard about Serena the 1 year old pointer mix who is currently on the euth list at Greenville County Animal Care in Greenville, SC, my heart went out to her completely. The shelter employees said that Serena was depressed in the shelter at first, but when they started to sing to her in order to cheer her up, Serena LOVED it and became so happy! She looooves singing! If there are any music lovers out there, this is the dog for you!!! Serena’s passion for music is one of the most endearing things I have heard in a very long time.
Serena has the most gorgeous markings and she has a wiggly little tush that shakes so hard when she is happy. She is pure sunshine. She can light up even the darkest room with her charisma. She’s just impossible not to love!
Serena is currently redlisted at Greenville County Animal Care Services in Greenville , SC , so she can be PUT TO SLEEP AT ANY TIME!!! We can’t let this happen. She is a one-of-kind gem with a personality unlike any other dog you will ever meet. Serena passed all temperament tests with flying colors and she gets along great with other dogs. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. THERE IS NO PULL FEE!! She had a rescue that was going to take her, but they can no longer do so, because Serena tested positive for heartworm. Please don’t let this stop you from saving her. There will never be another dog like her!!! PLEASE save this precious, perfectly-behaved music-lover! Her picture doesn’t do Serena any justice…she is absolutely the cutest thing. She walks with a little bounce to her step…as though she is dancing along to a song in her head. Truly, Serena is the sweetest dog you can imagine. We can’t let her die!!
If you can save Serena, please email the shelter rescue coordinator, Taryn, at ANIMALCARESERVICES@GREENVILLECOUNTY.ORG. Again, Serena is OUT OF TIME and the SHELTER IS FULL. She can be euthanized at any time. Please hurry!!!! Thanks for considering her.

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