Missing cat East Derry

Missing Cat in East Derry Found


Tina is my dear little cat that was missing for 2 weeks. I had fostered her about 3 years ago but fell in love with her and adopted her. She is such a tiny little thing, thus I called her Tiny Tina. She escaped out of my house and was gone for 2 weeks, we put up posters with her photo everywhere, called all the vets, put her on craigs list. Then one of my neighbours saw her on her deck and then another neighbour too said they had seen her. I was so sure I would never see her again, some wild animal had got her, I imagined all sorts of terrible things and the not knowing was just killing me. So I borrowed a have a heart trap, put it on my deck and put her favourite wet fishy food in it and lo and behold, ther she was – a true miracle, it really was. I was laughing and crying all at the same time. She was so skinny, had 2 ticks and a few scratches on her and smelt something awful. She let me bathe her etc. and she has not stopped eating since she came home. I am just so HAPPY to have my little girl home.
Megan Puzzo

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