Are You Lost?

Are You Lost?

June’s Action Plan #1 by Mrs. Mander

Hold Supply Drives. This supports the animals already housed in shelters or rescues. Every three months, arrange with local businesses to hold supply drop-offs. The ideal location would probably be where pet food and supplies are sold, but you can also consider drop-offs at garden centers, VFW halls, public libraries, etc.

Run free ads repeatedly to announce your quarterly supply drive. Run free ads in newspapers, on community cable channels, and on radio stations. Begin a few weeks before and ask them to keep running your ads. Explain to the public their help is needed for their community’s animals.

Explain in these announcements which supplies you need (cat food cans, paper towels, $10 Wal-Mart gift cards) and when/where they can be dropped off.

*note let the paper write up an article on the Supply Drive for their human interest pages. Send in a photo from the supply drive such as a photo of a full box of donations and a short thank you to the public for making the drive a success. Remember that any amount collected is a success. Small monthly action plans in each community reduces the suffering of animals in shelters.

Send in your idea’s on Community based projects. The projects should be small enough for a person to accomplish alone ( or with a small group), cost no to little money and have a direct effect improving the lives of animals in their community. Are you a teacher? What small but effective projects can classrooms put into effect that would help animals in their community? Share your ideas with other teachers on Call to Action. Senior Citizen groups can change the lives of animals in shelters. Share with our readers your success story in starting a Call to Action plan in your community. Send in your ideas and your Call to Action photos to Contact Katherine.

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